Box Combo 3 bangles – Zulu (pink and gold)

Box composed by three unique pieces handmade in South Africa and finished in France.

Colors: pink and gold.

You can composed it as you wish !

There are 3 combinations:

  1. 1Bangle + 1Plain bangle + 1Gold bangle
  2. 1Decorated bangle + 1Plain bangle + 1Gold bangle
  3. 1Bangle + 1Decorated bangle + 1Gold bangle


You can wear them alone or combine them to two or three or with other bangles as you like, everything is allowed ! It’s your turn…

Unique patterns inspired by Zulu traditional drawings. Weaving of pearls is realized handmade in South Africa and the jewel is assembled in Paris. Thin gold plated bangle  24K.

Amahlé jewelry is delicate and requires a careful use. To guarantee the maximum lifetime of your jewel, try to avoid any contact with water or perfume.


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