The Brand


Fashion jewelry made in Africa

Amahlé means « those who are beautiful » in Zulu language.

Amahlé is an ethical fashion brand inspired by African arts and crafts. The distinctive style of our products is the result of Parisian designers meeting African traditional arts and talented crafters.

Amahlé reflects our wish to maintain a local know-how and to help people to continue designing patterns and pieces of art. Amahlé aims at offering a product that makes sense and that vehicles all the values that we share: respect, trust, open-mindedness and love.

Finally, Amahlé is a journey. Each collection is thought as an invitation to travel and to discover a new African tribe. Come and travel with us!


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Our story

A story made of travels and beautiful people

We are Carole and Chloé. We met in 2011 and worked 4 years as strategy and management consultants for a consulting firm with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Chloé is a passionate traveler and a fan of handicraft. She discovered South Africa in 2010 thanks to an academic exchange with the university of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) and she fell in love with Southern Africa.

We are close friend and we share a passion for travelling, fashion and traditional handicraft. In 2015, we decide that we will work with African crafters in order to create a brand that will merge ethics and style.

In October 2015, we travel through South Africa during one month and we meet lot of crafters and organizations. We find two associations in the KwaZulu-Natal region. We start to work together. The crafters make the first jewels and soon Amahlé is born…


Our products

A unique design, handmade in South Africa

Our style is inspired by African traditional patterns. We work with Parisian designers on the product design in order to create a contemporary and fashion product.

Then the jewels are hand made in South Africa. The beadwork requires 2 hours of work to 8 hours depending on the size of the bracelet. The final work is handmade in Paris. We use brass with gold finishing.

Amahlé jewels have a contemporary design but they are one-off pieces of craft made using local and traditional know how.


Our crafters

Creating meaningful jewels with our crafters

We work with talented South African crafters who use traditional technics inherited from their parents and grand parents.

Our crafters work with two associations whose purpose is to improve living conditions in the KwaZulu-Natal region: employment in rural areas, women empowerment, preservation of traditional knowledge, fight against HIV.

Openness, respect and trust are central values for our company.